About Tamiko Nimura

About Tamiko Nimura: The Professional Version

Tamiko Nimura is an Asian American (Sansei/Pinay) writer who grew up in Northern California and now lives in the Pacific Northwest. Her recent publications include pieces in New California Writing 2012, Kartika Review, Remedy Quarterly, Avidly, Edible Seattle, Full Grown People, and Discover ventolin albuterol buy Nikkei. She holds degrees in English from UC Berkeley and the University of Washington. She contributes regularly to The Seattle Star and the International Examiner. She has read at various venues, including the San Francisco Public Library and the Evergreen State College. She has received awards and honors from the Ford Foundation, the Japanese American Citizens League, the University of Iowa, the Asia Pacific Fund, and SheWrites. Three of her personal essays (“My Log Cabin Sukiyaki Song,” “Snapshots from a Nikkei/Filipina Album,” and “The Feast Makes A Family”) have been translated into Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese by the Discover Nikkei project (Japanese American National Museum). One has been reprinted in several countries (Argentina, Brasil, Canada, Perú).

She lives with her family in Tacoma, Washington. She blogs here at Kikugirl, her “own private MFA.” She is currently working on a few projects, including a children’s book, a memoir, and a novel.

Having earned three degrees in English already, she decided to develop her fourth degree here at Kikugirl. She now works on memoir, personal essay, poetry, and food writing here. You can find her writing elsewhere, too.  You can also read more background on the private MFA and the story behind “Kikugirl.”

How To Contact Tamiko

  • Send messages to kikugirl _at_ kikugirl.net. (this is spelled out to get around those pesky spambots)
  • You can also chat with Tamiko on Twitter as TamikoN.
  • Find Tamiko’s profiles on LinkedIn and SheWrites.

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  1. Hi! Whenever I get a chance to read Glutenfreegirl I end up with some interesting links. I have a feeling I will enjoy reading your blog as I enjoy reading Shauna’s. Thanks for sharing and Welcome!

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